Bulwell EAZ

A collaborative group of schools in North Nottingham,
aiming to build skills and character attributes in children
and young people through a range of innovative projects

Welcome to Bulwell EAZ

LA photo.jpgBulwell EAZ is the local Education Improvement Partnership (EIP) representing the 7 schools which are located in the Bulwell area.  Our aim is to raise standards in education and improve outcomes for children, young people and their families.

Based at Bulwell Academy, Bulwell EAZ is part of the City-wide EIP Strategy and benefits from working closely with a range of local, city-wide and national organisations. Originally formed as an Education Action Zone in 1999 the organisation retains its title as an EAZ as young people and their families recognise the title as a familiar organisation in the area.

Bulwell EAZ Management Group

Bulwell EAZ is led by a Management Group of the 7 Head Teachers of schools in the Partnership. Currently it is Chaired by Alison Tones (head teacher at Rufford Primary) with other head teachers taking the lead role for certain project areas and responsibilities. The Management group have a shared vision and entitlement for children and young people in the partnership as set out below. Linda Abbott, pictured above, is the manager of the partnership and is based at The Bulwell Academy. 

We work closely with a range of partners in the local community including The Toy Library, Churches Together, Nottingham City teams, local Councillors, Rebalancing Nottingham North and many arts organisations.

 Bulwell EAZ entitlement photo

To download a copy of this document please go to Bulwell EAZ EIP entitlement