Bulwell EAZ

A collaborative group of schools in North Nottingham,
aiming to build skills and character attributes in children
and young people through a range of innovative projects

Attendance Support

 Attendance in Bulwell Schools 

 "Aim for your child to achieve 100% attendance and punctuality to give them the very best start in life"

The EIP Attendance officers are Emma Raynor and Mick Astle 

The purpose of the Primary Attendance Improvement Officer role is to;

  • Improve attendance across the Bulwell schools and to work with The Bulwell Academy on joint meetings
  • Look at Attendance Policy in schools to ensure an across Bulwell approach
  • Meet with schools regularly to review registers and highlight potential case work
  • Home visits to support families with improving their children’s attendance

Good habits start early on and it is essential that you encourage your child to attend school regularly and that he/she knows that you don’t approve of them missing school.  Put the work in whilst they are young and hopefully when your child is of secondary school age and perhaps getting him/herself ready and off to school they will be excellent attendees and not laying in bed refusing to get up!

Truanting isn’t just classed as ‘capping off, twagging it or bunking off’, it is a word used to describe a child’s unauthorised absence from school. 

Of course sometimes children cannot attend school for reasons such as illness or medical appointments and it is important that parents let the school know so that their child’s absence can be recorded.

Unacceptable reasons for being off school;

  • Birthday treat
  • Outings with family
  • Going for a haircut                                                          
  • Buying school uniform
  • Oversleeping
  • Waiting in for workmen or minding the house
  • Looking after a brother or sister
  • Taking the rest of the day off before or after a medical appointment.


Punctuality is important and children who are regularly late to school can get quite anxious/ stressed or embarrassed and miss vital information given at registration. 

Parents of children who have 5 or more lates in a 4 week period may be issued with a penalty notice (see more info on penalty notices).

 Top tips for stress free mornings...!

  • Routines...stick to a ‘school night’ bed time – SLEEP MATTERS
  • Depending on how old the children are – encourage them to get their school bag packed etc – the night before...encourage independance
  • Make sure home work is done
  • Make sure uniform washed, dryed and ready for next day
  • Perhaps get a couple of pairs of trousers and tops etc
  • Put school shoes near the door ready to go.
  • If you need bus fare make sure you have change ready

Can I take my child on holiday during term-time?

Do you really NEED to holiday in term-time?  Children are off school for 13 weeks per year – consider taking them during this time and then they will not miss any vital school work. 

Holidays in term-time are at the sole discression of the Head Teacher and are not an automatic right.

Parents should make any request for a holiday by completing a ‘leave of absence request form’ (also called a holiday form).  You MAY also have to meet with the Head Teacher to discuss how your child will catch up with the work they will miss.

It was agreed that the Bulwell EAZ schools would now only authorise up to 5 days for holiday.  In order to consider if the holiday will be authorised the following may be taken into consideration;

  • Any SATS or exams
  • 94%+ attendance
  • The reason for the holiday eg, the availability of cheaper holidays is not a valid reason.

Absence from school

Any absence, whether authorised or unauthorised will affect your child’s attendance percentage.  This includes time off for medical appointments. 

How does school work out my child’s percentage attendance?

Each school day is classed as 2 sessions.  A morning register and an afternoon register are taken.  When considering a week, Monday to Friday; each day has two sessions and each session would be worth 10%.  If the pupil has one day absence that week then their % attendance for that week would be 90%.

My child’s overall attendance is 90% - Is this good?

90% is not good attendance.  90% attendance, over the school year is in fact four weeks of missed work and your child would be unable to keep up with their school work.

If you have any concerns about your child’s attendance then talk to someone at your child’s school, school sooner rather than later.  School will want to support you in improving your child’s attendance. 

The Law & Fixed Penalty Notices

Under Section 7 of the Education Act 1996, the ‘parent’ is responsible for making sure that their child of compulsory school age receives efficient  full-time education that is suitable to the child’s age, ability and aptitude.  www.direct.gov.uk/en/Parents/Schoolslearninganddevelopment/YourChildsWelfareAtSchool/DG_066966

Compulsory school age is defined as beginning from the age of five when a child should attend school from the start of the term commencing on or after their fifth birthday.

Section 444(1)  If a child of compulsory age who is a registered pupil at a school fails to attend regularly at the school, the parent is guilty of an offence.  You may be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 3 on the standard scale: A MAXIMUM FINE OF £1000

Section 444(1A)  If in the circumstances mentioned in subsection (1) the parent knows that their child is failing to attend regularly at the school and fails without reasonable justification to cause him/her to do so, they are guilty of an offence.  You may be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 4 on the standard scale: A MAXIMUM FINE OF £2500 or IMPRISONMENT FOR A TERM NOT EXCEEDING THREE MONTHS or both.

Education Welfare Service

If, after school and the Attendance Improvement Officer have worked with you to help improve your child’s attendance and there is no improvement or if their attendance has got worse then it may be necessary to refer your child to the Education Welfare Service. 

An Education Welfare Officer will be allocated your case and would either meet you at school or do a home visit.

Link to Nottingham City EWS service www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=5061